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irishdave July 25, 2007 04:56

Hello, I am trying to call

I am trying to call one of the meshTools methods within a class I am making for a preProcessing utility. So far all I keep getting is errors. I know my C++ is still developing so I apologize if this is a rookie mistake.

The line that keeps giving me problems is:
label sharedFace = meshTools::getSharedFace(mesh,a,b);

The error the compiler throws is:
diffTurb.C: In member function 'Foam::vectorField Foam::diffTurb::U()':
diffTurb.C:87: error: incomplete type 'Foam::meshTools' used in nested name specifier

As you can see I am trying to find the shared face between two cells in a mesh but it wont compile. Any ideas?

Note: The a and b are coming from forAll loops running over all a and b in K where K is a Kmesh. One of my theories was that these are not proper cell identifiers.

Thanks in advance,

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