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sek July 18, 2007 10:00

I'll appreciate if someoen can
I'll appreciate if someoen can tell me what it takes to solve (implement) pressure-correction equation in OpenFOAM.

schmidt_d July 23, 2007 14:47

Sung-Eun, Greetings! If

If you haven't looked at it, this wiki might be helpful:

One thing that you should be careful about, when you go changing the interior PISO loop is that the solution to the pressure equation is sensitive to the value of p as you declare pEqn, as the pre-existing p field is used for the explicit treatment of the non-orthoganality correction.

sek July 24, 2007 07:53

Dave, how are you doing? Ye
Dave, how are you doing?

Yes, I've once read it. Nicely done! The reason I'm interested in the delta-form of presure equation is its potential benefits for some situations that I know from my experience with similar FV codes. I'm sorry that my question was probably too broad, which I think was why there has been little reponse.

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