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morteza July 11, 2007 06:03

Hi guys I want to know about
Hi guys
I want to know about the exact effect of thermo->rho() or thermo->p() and thermo->correct() on codes.
As i read in discussion thermo->rho() update the rho field using the gas ideal equation, but i studied "hThermo.c","hThermo.H", "basicThermo.c" and "basicThermo.H" and found no ideal gas relation.

Am i looking into incorrect files?
How does thermo->rho()update ideal gas?
thanks in advance


gschaider July 11, 2007 07:19

Posting exactly the same ques
Posting exactly the same question in two different threads doesn't increase the likelyhood of it being answered (especially if the two postings are 2 minutes apart). It only annoys people.

Look in the other thread for an answer.

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