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connclark July 6, 2007 20:08

Can DieselEngineFoam simulate
Can DieselEngineFoam simulate an indirect injection diesel engine that uses an impingement ball/pin to atomize the fuel?

I have a Mercedes Benz 300 SD that has the OM617 engine in it. This engine uses a precombustion chamber. Its fuel injector shoots a very fine high speed jet of fuel against an impingement ball in the center of the precombustion chamber to atomize the fuel. I think this is done to burn most of the fuel near the center of the prechamber minimizing heat lost to the walls.

See picture to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

The bottom of the OM617 impingement ball is flat to induce turbulence and increase the mixing of air and fuel for better combustion (or at least I think thats the reason). On the next engine design Mercedes Benz angled this flat spot. I assume it was to enhance mixing and combustion further by generating some swirl.

see this other picture.

I would like to confirm this so I can machine or possibly modify my impingement ball so I can get better mileage and power. I should reduce my particulate and NOx emissions too

Even more pictures scanned from shop manual to get an idea how things go together.

prechamber holes

prechamber in head with piston, injector, and glowplug

piston crown top view

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