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hoochie July 3, 2007 08:10

Hey all, after computing an
Hey all,

after computing an airfoil in 2D with k-Epsilon- realizable, which gave good results, Im trying to compute now the same airfoil with k- Omega- turbulence. In this new case I got a new mesh made for k- Omega of course. But using the same setup for k- Omega, I get strange results in the liftDrag- function. It gives a negativ lift-force. The graphics in paraFoam look great. Is there anybody who got some experience with k- Omega- turbulence and can give some hints?
My mesh was computed in Fluent before with no problems.

My Setup so far:

1. 500 iterations with Gamma 0.2 (U) , turbulence off
2. 1000 iterations with upwind phi (U,k,Omega), turbulence on
3. 3000 iterations with Gamma 0.2(U, k, Omega), turbulence on

With this setup, my computation converges in OpenFOAM, but with no good values for lift- and dragforces. Maybe Gamma isnt good for k- Omega?

Thx in advance

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