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pvtpilot June 29, 2007 09:17

I am currently working on an i
I am currently working on an independent study in CFD based around using OpenFOAM and my task right now is to model flow around a SD7003 airfoil at Re=60000. So far, I have been successful with my laminar models leading up to this using icoFoam but this is my first experience with the turbulent solvers. I have created the airfoil and free stream and meshed it using Salome imported it. For BC I have inlet, outlet, symmetry on the free stream upper, lower, inner and outer boundaries and wall functions (since wall gives the error of you should use wall functions). Some of the problems/questions that have come up are:

I would like to solve this as a 2D case but I always run into a problem when trying to use empty for the faces bounding the z axis. I get an error saying essentially due to the faces empty is the wrong condition so I set it to symmetry (which is probably wrong).

An overall question would be: what is the best solver to use (k-epsilon or LES)? Right now I'm just trying to get sensible results in simpleFoam but I end up getting results that just diverge once I turn turbulence on.

For an airfoil what is the best Div scheme to use?

I'm sure there are some issues I'm missing right now and as you can tell these are some newbie problems I'm having but I appreciate any help you can provide.

nsp82 June 29, 2007 10:39

Spallart-Allmaras is very suit
Spallart-Allmaras is very suitable for external flows.

dante July 1, 2007 06:55

Have you study transition fro
Have you study transition fro turbulent to laminar flow?

rolando July 2, 2007 06:14

Hello Ryan, what is the goal
Hello Ryan,
what is the goal of your simulation? Doing a full turbulent calculation with a turbulent flow at the inlet? Or "laminar" inlet with transition at the airfoil?


dante July 2, 2007 11:21

Hi Ryan, do you now how simala
Hi Ryan, do you now how simalate transition on airfoil?

pvtpilot July 2, 2007 19:14

Wow.. I'm glad to see some peo
Wow.. I'm glad to see some people are ready to help. So far I've had 2 semesters of graduate fluids and a bunch of thermo classes. Unfortunately the focus was laminar flows with a hint of turbulence here and there so I am learning turbulent flows while learning how to model them at the same time. I am looking to capture the transition from laminar to turbulent flow on the airfoil. Basically it was a task given to me to validate the results of my work so far based on some studies my professor is familiar with. Unfortunately, I was only working laminar cases and now I'm looking to start conquering the turbulent side of openFOAM. Overall I would like to present the separation point, bubble height, and reattachment point.

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