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hsieh June 29, 2007 08:03

Hi, This may be a silly que

This may be a silly question, but, I cannot help it not to ask.

For a domain, say a rectangular box. Initially, filled with air. On the top surface, there is an inlet. Water flows into the domain from the inlet. On the top surface, it is atmosphere (except for the inlet face).

It has been said many times that hex elements are superior than tet elements. But, how much better? can someone give a somewhat quantitative comparison - specific to interFoam solver.



rolando June 29, 2007 12:45

There can be so much more bad
There can be so much more bad in a mesh than the cell shapes. I made pretty good experience with tet meshes. The only thing you should really care about, is not to use tet cells near a wall. There you should use hex or prism cells.


msrinath80 June 29, 2007 13:17

Hex meshes are well known to r
Hex meshes are well known to resolve boundary layers more accurately. Only if the geometry cannot simply be meshed using hex elements, resort to tet elements.

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