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bergantz June 22, 2007 14:15

I am new to OpenFOAM but not n
I am new to OpenFOAM but not new to CFD (I have used MFIX, PHOENICS, etc). I was wondering about OpenFOAM users experience with strongly variable and high viscosity simulations. I ask because they form an important class of problems in earth science and geo-engineering and they are "stiff" and so present real challanges for finite volume formulations

hartinger June 23, 2007 10:02

Hey, i'm working on elastoh

i'm working on elastohydrodynamic lubrication in OpenFOAM which means logarithmic dependencies of viscosity to pressure, shear-rate and temperature coupled with elastic deformation and maximum pressure up to 0.7 GPa. Very stiff and unstable system, but OpenFOAM and the FV methodology can handle it. Other people have used OpenFOAM for polymer modelling (search the forum), which have also funny viscosities.


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