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tehache June 18, 2007 06:20

Hi there, In 1.3, in a boun
Hi there,

In 1.3, in a boundary condition, I was doing:

const fvPatch& p = patch();
const volScalarField& c = db().lookupObject<volscalarfield>("C1");
scalarField phic = patchField<surfacescalarfield,>(fvc::meshPhi(c));

to get the flux caused by mesh motion through a surface. That worked.

In 1.4, I had to change first to patch().patchfield .... and so on,
but then still get an error

no matching function for call to 'meshPhi(const Foam::GeometricField<double,>&)'

Does it mean there is no way to calculate the flux of a scalar quantity by meshPhi anymore, for some reason?
Or is there another recommended way?

Thank you very much for any hint!



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