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jaswi June 11, 2007 03:14

Dear OpenFOAM users, I have
Dear OpenFOAM users,

I have a singly rotated frame. I am posting the sketch for clarity.

I need to provide rotation to the main frame of reference. the whole domain just rotates w.r.t. central axis. there are no rotating walls or so. I need to simulate incompressible transient flow of fluid in this 3D geometry.

For a start I presume I have to modify interFoam for the transient case and then further modify it to provide the rotation. Am I on the right track !!!

As i have understood after running the movingCone tutorial that my case is not a case of moving mesh either.

I need some help on how to rotate the frame of reference.

Please suggest and guide me !!!

Thanks in advance

With Best Regards

jaswi June 13, 2007 05:12

seems people are too busy to s
seems people are too busy to suggest :-(.

I again request the forum to provide some clues.


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