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paka June 5, 2007 17:48

Hi everyone, First of all l
Hi everyone,

First of all let me introduce myself in a short sentance. I am a structural engineering guy, however, my new research project is going to focus on Fluid - Structure Interaction (FSI). Mainly, high impact loads on structures.

I checked as many OpenFOAM/CFD web pages as I could to figure out OpenFOAM capabilites of solving FSI problems, however, nowhere is any good documentation or description of OF capabilities in this area.

Therefore comes my question, what are OpenFOAM FSI capabilities? If anyone could point out any detailed information about this matter, I would be really glad. Any documentation references are also very much welcomed.

What I found, it looks the FSI solvers are currently in quite loose state, without any documentation or maybe my search was not good enough.


hjasak June 6, 2007 13:56

FSI is a very active area of r
FSI is a very active area of research, with several centres doing quality work. In fact, there's around 8 FSI presentations on the Workshop in Zagreb tomorrow.

I would not say that "FSI solvers are currently in quite loose state" - if you expect packaged-up applications ready for use you either need to collaborate with one of the groups doing the work or get a support contract from people with relevant experience.

Hrvoje Jasak, Wikki Ltd.

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