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doug June 5, 2007 17:58

I'm trying to get a subsonic 2
I'm trying to get a subsonic 2D airfoil case running in either simpleFoam, turbFoam, or potentialFoam, but keep running into odd solutions. Does anyone have an example case they've run in any of these solvers that they would be willing to zip up and send to me? I think that by looking at one or two examples I should be able to iron out the bugs in my simulations.



(I have looked at the sonicTurbFoam airfoil tutorial case, but it has not as yet helped as the initial conditions and boundary conditions are much different for subsonic cases.)

darioth September 9, 2010 17:24

Hi doug, I'm trying the same with potentialFoam.

I will send you my results


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