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spridal5 May 30, 2007 14:07

I was jsut wondering if OpenFO
I was jsut wondering if OpenFOAM was easy enough to use to help model the following situations:

Wastewater Primary and secondary settling tanks
Wastewater grit removal
Various Stormwater treatment devices

Any help at all would be great. Thanks

liu May 30, 2007 15:07

Yes. I am doing some simulatio
Yes. I am doing some simulations for waste water treatment plant. For secondary settling tanks, it's ok and there is a solver shipping with OpenFOAM. But for primary tanks, it's not so easy to model simply because not to many experiments and no good model for it. For now, I am just using the "partially-mixed" approach as for the secondary tanks.

For grit removal, I have no idea. Someone must come up with some model.

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