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christian May 10, 2007 12:15

I need help writing the follow
I need help writing the following code:

Write to a text file the force acting on each cell face of a boundary (patch number N).
In the same file write in the 4-6th columns the corresponding coordinates of each cell face.
Do this at an arbitrary time interval T.
The name of the text file is supposed to include the current time as well as an arbitrary description text.

How can the time interval (T) be picked from the output data interval set in the controlDict file?

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Best regards,
Christian Svensson

ksv March 20, 2011 00:20

did u find a way?

Did you find a way to write force acting on each face of a boundary to a txt file? As am facing the same issue I would like to seek your suggestion in this regard.


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