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juanduque May 8, 2007 10:43

Good day everyone, I'm inte
Good day everyone,

I'm interested on develping code to solve physical models using the FOAM library
Reading IcoFOAM code and Jasak's "A tensorial approach to computational continuum mechanics
using object-oriented techniques", many doubts arose.

1) IcoFOAM's use of kinematic viscosity makes the solution for the pressure field density proportional. I still have doubts about the meaning (Both physical and
computational) of the "phi" field. As I understood it, it's a measure of the velocity fluxes of an element per element area. being the solution of the pressure equation unitary respect to the density of the fluid, is this flux as well a physical indication of mass flux (is it equivalent to U/(A*rho), where rho =1?) ?
can anyone give me a little insight about it?

2) I see that the Ueqn==-grad(P) is a little different from the standard NS equation. Perhaps some math tricks were used to convert the term div(2*nu,0.5*(grad(U)+trans(grad(u)) ) ) from the original NS equation to laplacian(nu,U) on IcoFOAM's code. Is there any existent bibligraphy regards this topic?

Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to answer this, I'm kind of lost, and your help will be really appreciated.


...Juan Fernando Duque Lombana.

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