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hoogland April 13, 2007 02:42

Hi, Just a dumb question, r

Just a dumb question, rapidly coming up to speed on openfoam but this might help. For icoFoam you can use timeVaryingUniformFixedValue as in:

with this format for the data file:
t0 p0
t1 p1
t2 p2
tN pN

What if you want to specify more than just p? e.g. say u? And could you make the inflow normal to surface using existing code?


hoogland April 16, 2007 18:34

Oki doki, So the timeVaryin
Oki doki,

So the timeVaryingUniformFixedValue (and timeVaryingMappedValue in 1.4) are used just the same as other bc's. Each field parameter has its own data file in the format above.


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