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marc February 27, 2007 04:15

hello, when I start a simul

when I start a simulation (for example the cavity case) only 'solving for p' is reported with some other info, but I am missing 'solving for U' or so. With an other case in simpleFoam still only 'solving for p' is reported. U, k, epsilon etc. are missing...does anybody know why and if it matters?

thanks, Marc

msrinath80 April 10, 2007 19:31

OK this is ridiculous. I have
OK this is ridiculous. I have the same problem on one case and all others run fine. In fact I know that the velocities are getting computed as I find the saved results in the time-directory.

I have included the entire simpleFoam case. Can someone try it on their machine and report whether velocity calculations are printed in the log file?


The case can be found here:

mattijs April 12, 2007 18:19

Hi pUI, can you report this
Hi pUI,

can you report this as a bug?

msrinath80 April 12, 2007 18:59

Will do Mattijs. Thanks.
Will do Mattijs. Thanks.

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