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in_flu_ence March 12, 2007 13:09

Hi, As I am new to CFD a

As I am new to CFD and OpenFOAM. I do require some direction in meshing a Y-inlet with two liquids joining in the test section. Can this be achieved by using blockMesh?

Is there any advice on which 'FOAM' to use? I am abit confused by the different FOAMs (e.g. interFOAM, twophaseEulerFOAM) that are available and would be nice to learn about the input and output.

Which do I use if I would like to find out about drop dynamics and learning about dispersion as the input velocities increases. Also to learn about pressure gradient and stuff.

Help appreciated.

Many Thanks

hemph March 13, 2007 03:11

Hi Harris, A Y-mesh should b
Hi Harris,
A Y-mesh should be possible in blockMesh. Try starting with something simple and expanding it. About the different Foams. twoPhaseEulerFoam is for simulating two fluids, without any notion to the direcion of the interface. I believe it would be useful for this application. To learn about twoPhaseEulerFoam, look to Henrik Rusches Phd Thesis, available at

InterFoam is used when you need to keep track of the interface of one of the phases. An example would be an air bubble in a liquid, (or drops!)


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