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kassiotis March 2, 2007 05:03

Hi, I'm a newcomer in the w

I'm a newcomer in the world of OpenFoam, and wants to start with the examples in the tutorial directory.

The example of interest for me is movingCone with OpenFoam.1-3.

Doing :
blockMesh . movingCone
icoDyMFoam . movingCone

Launch effectively the calculation...but i'm worrying about the results : they are very differents from the one obtein with OpenFoam.1-2 in icoFoamAutoMotion. And they seem to me "non-physical" : it's look ever the same after the first time step.

As someone a explanation to this behaviour?

kassiotis March 12, 2007 11:12

Hi (I like to speak to myself
Hi (I like to speak to myself ;-),

If someone is interested, I solve the problem using the development version one can find on:

(I had to search a little more deeply on thread )

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