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dbxmcf February 26, 2007 23:16

Hi, all: I am now digging t
Hi, all:

I am now digging throughly into the icoFoam.C solver with gdb and also have read Henrik Rusche and Hrvoje Jasak's thesis and also with the highly annotated version of the code from OpenFOAM wiki, I am now quite confused at the line

//add pressure gradient to interior velocity and BC's

U-=rUA*fvc::grad(p); //This line is ok

I am confused at this line, what does this U.correctBoundaryConditions; intend to do? Using gdb and "step" I can go into the correctBoundaryConditions() function in GeometryField.C, and there is line boundaryField_.evaluate(); further "step" will lead to GeometryBoundaryField.C, however the evaluate() function made me even more confused. Is there any background information or reference that I can see?

Thanks a lot!!

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