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coastal593 February 12, 2007 14:25

hi all, i am interested in
hi all,

i am interested in using some of the injection/spray/lagrangian tracking capabilities in openfoam with the inclusion of a surrounding sheath/nebulizing gas. more specifically this entails an outer capillary around the injector sprayer nitrogen gas at a predetermined pressure/velocity.

does such an implementation exist? i was initially thinking of simply adding the injector to the center of a patch with the appropriate boundary conditions ...

thanks, ac;

coastal593 February 16, 2007 12:02

since no one has responded i'm
since no one has responded i'm moving forward ... i will certainly post progress or questions in my attempts.

ville February 16, 2007 13:09

Hi Anthony, Could you please
Hi Anthony,
Could you please specify a little? So you
want to study atomization of spray and set some
kind of a flow around the nozzle? It's very
easy to do it anyways. You can start with for
instance creating a cylinder mesh, putting the
nozzle in the other end and defining the flow conditions around the nozzle as you wish.
You could take the Aachenbomb example and begin with it. Change the mesh to a cylinder mesh and
build it so that you can specify your boundary
flow conditions as you wish. Good luck!

coastal593 February 16, 2007 13:49

hi ville, thanks for your r
hi ville,

thanks for your response. basically, i have an inner and outer capillary, one that transfers liquid and one a sheath gas. i already have meshes built for this particular problem with other geometrical elements that are important to the solution.

so i'm basically moving forward as you suggested. i am currently having significant temperature problems (t < 200) in the thermo, but i expect to resolve those.


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