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grtabor February 5, 2007 12:00

Dear All, I've been working
Dear All,

I've been working on inlet conditions, setting the inlet velocity to particular components, using a line of code


which replaces the X component of the boundary field at patch patchNo with the values in UInletX. So far, so good.

I'm now trying to manipulate the pressure field at the boundary in a similar manner. Pressure is a scalar. I can't work out what form of the .replace() function I should be using for a scalar - it seems to have only the form

.replace(const direction, const UList<cmptType&)

What "direction" is appropriate for a scalar, or should I be doing this in some other way?


hjasak February 5, 2007 13:24

Any direction will do -it's no
Any direction will do -it's not used. scalarField.C


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