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luca_g February 1, 2007 12:16

I've written a new density-bas
I've written a new density-based solver for compressible flow, centralFoam, and have run it on a few test cases (for non-viscous 1D and 2D flows) and compared against sonicFoam, rhoSonicFoam and rhopSonicFoam. I've reported the results obtained in the attached paper.

Motivated by the good results I'm now planning to extend the solver as follows:
1) viscous laminar/turbulent flows (should be straightforward, given the power of OpenFoam);
2) time-preconditioning and dual-time for steady/unsteady low-Mach number flows;
3) higher-order RK time integration schemes;
4) first-order pressure extrapolation boundary condition for inviscid wall.
Furthermore, I would like to run more 2D and 3D test cases. Suggestions both about the development and about interesting test cases (and help to run them!) are very welcome.



luca_g February 1, 2007 12:21

I'm sorry but the document siz
I'm sorry but the document size is too big to be uploaded.
I'm trying to put it in the Wiki and I'll post a message when it's done.


luca_g February 1, 2007 13:08

I've just uploaded the report
I've just uploaded the report in my wiki test page:

Later, I'll create an appropriate project or solver page.



venkataramana July 28, 2011 06:39

so can u provide more details about the above problem, i mean code for the preconditioning so it will be helpful .

thanks in advance,


nsreddysrsit December 6, 2011 10:27

Dear Luca,

can u provide, more details about the time pre conditioning in openfoam


immortality June 30, 2013 10:35

Hi dear Luca
I can't understand what equation is solved as momentum,could you please introduce me to a mathematical form equivalent to the equation in rhocentralFoam?

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