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ralph January 26, 2007 08:39

Hi, I try to do some stress a
I try to do some stress analysis with OpenFOAM.
For the first shot I used the "stressFemFoam" solver, which works well.
Additionally I want to analyse a case with prestressing.
I think for that I have to add an explicit term "d/dx_j(sigma_ij)" into the FEM equation.
Is there a functionality to do so in OpenFoam? (I just found the explicit functions "grad", "elementGrad", "ddt")
Can anyone give me some advice?

herbert June 2, 2010 08:53


I know your post is very old, but I'm facing the same problem now. For I have poor convergence with the implementation done in stressFemFoam, I want to use prestressing, but I'm not quite sure how to implement divergence of a tensor for finite elements. Did you ever solve it?


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