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vkaufmann January 8, 2007 13:14

Hi all, is there any solver
Hi all,

is there any solver which can handle mixing fluids calculating a velocity field for each phase? Means something like bubbleFoam but without the restriction of one phase to be disperse. In twoLiquidMixingFoam a homogeneous approach seems to be implemented, right?
If there's no solver, how is this restriction in bubbleFoam implemented or is it possible to modify twoLiquidMixingFoam in an appropriate way?

Thanx a lot in advance.


msrinath80 January 8, 2007 13:30

"without the restriction of on
"without the restriction of one phase to be disperse"

Just what kind of flow pattern are we talking about here? Stratified?

vkaufmann January 8, 2007 13:46

The whole thing is about flow
The whole thing is about flow regime transition of bubbly flows in vertical pipes. So the flow patterns vary between disperse bubbly flow to slug/churn flow. I'm trying to model the interfacial area density in these flows. A homogeneous approach will not work as you cannot assume the velocity field to be equal for both phases.

msrinath80 January 8, 2007 14:05

I guess bubblefoam or twoPhase
I guess bubblefoam or twoPhaseEulerFoam is the proper starting point. You will certainly need a Population balance model to properly account for bubble breakage and coalescence since you are interested in interfacial area density.

Oh and here is a reference I remember from my Masters:

Navarro-Valenti, S., R. T. Lahey Jr., D. A. Drew and M. Mills, "Two-fluid modeling of the bubbly/slug flow regime transition", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting, 69, 495-496 (1993).

alberto January 8, 2007 15:44

Hello, bubbleFoam and twoPhas
bubbleFoam and twoPhaseEulerFoam are solvers based on the Eulerian-Eulerian two fluid approach. So they should be suitable for your purpose.

A momentum equation is solved for both phases, so you're not assuming the same velocity field for the phases.

You may need to change the turbulence model, if you need something more advanced than the mixture model implemented at the moment.


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