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hemph December 19, 2006 04:30

Hi, I am simulating packing
I am simulating packing of particles in a column using the twoPhaseEulerFoam application.
In the middle of the column, I would like to have some kind of "filter", acting to stop one of the phases, while letting the other phase pass through unaffected. Has anybody tried something similar before?

Essentially, this would need a boundary condition in the middle of the column, but as far as I can tell, this approach is not possible in OF.

Some of the failing tactics used so far. I have tried explicitly setting the flux of phase a to zero at specified faces, but I get a 'seep through' of particles due to the common pressure term between the two phases. Besides, this feels like a somewhat 'messy' approach to the problem. I also tried setting the velocity of phase a to zero, using the setValues() function on the Ua-matrix, but since no equation system is solved for Ua, also this is unsuccesful.

Best Regards
Rasmus H

mshehata85 January 6, 2017 02:32


Have you found a solution to your problem? I am curious to know how one could implement it in openfoam.
Best Regards


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