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guilherme November 22, 2006 09:13

Hi, i am using buyoantFoam to
Hi, i am using buyoantFoam to simulate the heating of the walls of a closed cylinder.
The capacity of cylinder is 57 liters of water and the initial conditions are 288K for water and 360K for walls

The question is why 57 liters of water are heated completely in only in 20 seconds? Does anyone knows what is my error?

the water properties that im using is:
nmoles: 3180
cp: 4.184e3
viscosity: 5.77e-4
Pr: 3.7
molecular weight: 18
delta H: 0

in blockmeshedict convertometers 0.054
in controldict writeinterval 100 and deltaT 0.01

guilherme December 3, 2006 09:37

my problem was solved.
my problem was solved.

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