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mrangitschdowcom November 29, 2006 12:26

Hi all, I need to change so
Hi all,
I need to change some of the parameters to the ODE solvers (specifically SIBS & KRR4) to try to get a big (stiff) kinetic scheme to work in dieselFoam. The KRR4 gives me an 'exceeded maxtry' error, SIBS gives me a 'step size underflow'. I found that maxtry is set to 40 in the ODE code -- I'd like to set it to a bigger number.
I can't figure out how to overwrite the defaults from my chemistryProperties file. Any suggestions?



stephan December 2, 2006 15:15

Hi, so why dont you create

so why dont you create a new ODe-solver with a different entry for the size? (or change the (original) sources and recompile?)

zqlhzx August 18, 2013 22:16

Can you tell me the way of ODEsolver solvers what equation?Is YEqn?

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