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mardinoglu November 13, 2006 07:25

Hi, Inside the simple foam

Inside the simple foam solver there is not time variation in Navier Stokes Equatioan but we type steady state inside the fvSchemes file. Do we have to type steady state there? What does steady state flag means? any comment will be helpfull.

Ragards adil

flowAlways October 17, 2014 04:56

steadyState flag
For obtaining steady state solution we drop the ddT term from the solver.
However to keep the format of fvSchemes generic we do not drop the
ddtSchemes term but just flag it to steadyState.


    default        steadyState;

You can infact drop this term and see that the result is same.
I found this while playing with the scalarTransportFoam solver.
Best would be to just go ahead and change the fvSchemes or simple
Foam solver and see it yourself.

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