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cosimobianchini November 7, 2006 12:18

Hi all, I'm looking for sugg
Hi all,
I'm looking for suggestions on an extension to all-speed flows of my old weakly compressible solver.
It is a pressure-based steady-state solver using the SIMPLE algorithm and in the weakly compressible version works fine.
As suggested by many authors, to extend this solver to high-Mach flows, I only added a convective term (function of Ma) to the original Poisson-type pressure correction equation.
The problem is:

in the steady-state form, calculations go wrong after few iterations even in subsonic one-dimensional cases.

I think it is due to the ill-conditioned matrix of the pressure correction equation.

Is there anyone that has already solved this problem?
Can you please give me any ideas on how to improve convergence properties in such a case?

Thank you in advance for your help


smart July 19, 2010 14:45

Hello, I am trying to work out a compressible steady-state calculation using openfoam. Do you succeed with your SIMPLE application?

For now, I am trying rhosimplefoam without a lot of success. In fact, I want to calculate supersonic flow with steady-state solver like SIMPLE. Could you, please, give me some information about your case and what was the results?

Thank you very much,


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