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aqui October 31, 2006 17:43

Dear all: I'm a new OpenFOA
Dear all:

I'm a new OpenFOAM user from graphics research.
I need to simulate a fish swimming under water, and it seems that I need to modify the source code somehow.

However, I couldn't find a good instruction on how to begin searching the code... Can anyone let me know how can I get a big picture, or class structure of the source code?

I'd very appreciate your help.
Thank you.

gschaider November 1, 2006 17:39

Hi Simon! May I ask how you
Hi Simon!

May I ask how you want to utilize the results of the OF-calculation. In other words how fast (in terms of calculation time) do you need them? I don't want to discourage you, but if you need them in approximate real-time then OF is to accurate (or too slow) for you.

"fish swimming under water" is a bit vague. For instance: do you want a rigid or a flexible (moving) fish?

I guess you already looked at the "official" documentation (the user guides, doxygen).
In addition I would suggest


aqui November 3, 2006 12:44

Thank you so much for your hel
Thank you so much for your help!

The way fish moves is:

we specify the motion of the fin w.r.t. the center of mass of the body. Then the entire of the motion of the fish within the water should be calculated automatically.

So, we have some area, defined as 'rigid body', but we don't treat it as a boundary condition, but as a special fluid type requiring some additional constraints.

We don't care about the real-time motion. We want to connect the output data ( phase, velocity, pressure field at a certain time ) to the Maya rendering engine.



olesen November 3, 2006 13:21

If accuracy is less important,
If accuracy is less important, perhaps Real-Time Fluid Dynamics could be useful for your application:

html index

pdf paper

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