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abhishek November 3, 2006 07:36

Hi all I am trying to run r
Hi all

I am trying to run rhoSonicFoam with real gas effects. I have tried to extend the application of rhoSonicFoam to real gases.

I tried the shock tube test case with the discontinuity in between the domain.
Initial conditions are

UL=0 UR= - 428
pL=131820 PR=36679
Left boundary condition is wall
right boundary condition is pressure based
zero gradient for other quantites
constant gas mixture of H2: O2:AR::1:2:7
time step is 1e-8

after running this test case i am getting oscillations in temperature,pressure and density behind the shock wave through the solution itself seems to be correct ie the postion of shock.
IF we replace with UR=0 as initial conditions the oscillations are not seen.
I have tried with saveral interpolation schemses and other combinations.

Can anyone comment on this.

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