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stephan October 31, 2006 11:43

Dear All, i want to write a
Dear All,

i want to write a parallel version of a collisionmodel in libdieselspray.
Unfortunatly i cant find the point (in liblagrangian) where the global particlelist is splitted into smaller ones for each processor.
can anybody give me some hints how the parallel-tracking works.
any help would be appreciated

gschaider November 1, 2006 17:44

Hi Stephan! As I understand
Hi Stephan!

As I understand it each processor administrates the particles in his mesh regions. If the particles leaves his sub-mesh he hands it over to the other processor (who's mesh he enters). So there is no need for splitting. But you might have a look at decomposePar - that should split the list.

stephan November 2, 2006 08:14

Hi Bernhard, at first : tha
Hi Bernhard,

at first : thanks for your help!
i already looked through the decompose-files and i think i found what i need. (of course understanding is something different..)
i want to implement an soft sphere modell with a spring-dashpot-slider element. so i look for opportunities to have particle-collisions in the near or at a processor-boundary, which is not possibel right now.

another thing: i am working in berlin and would be interested in some knowledge exchange if you are interested too?
what kind of problems your are working on?


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