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jmb_jr July 19, 2006 06:53

What are the variables written
What are the variables written to the two columns of output graph file Ek.xy, in the dnsFoam case tutorial?

One should be energy spectrum. What about the other? And which is which?

Sorry, I am still a newbie in both OF and C++...

Thanks a lot,

ville November 1, 2006 08:05

Hi, First,thank you for many
First,thank you for many helpfull hints I've got for my spray calculations on this forum! My current question concerns plotting an energy spectrum. I'm studying a boundary layer flow
where I would like to extract instantaneous velocities along several lines and use this data to make the spectrums with Matlab.

1) How could I extract this kind of info = velocities along a (more or less) specified line from my output data (i.e. postprocessing the data I already have)? Is there an existing utility for doing this?
2) How about doing the same inside a simulation
i.e. writing velocity data from a given line to files?
3) What is the most practical way of extracting
a time series of say velocity at a given (x,y,z)
mesh point?

Thank you!

mattijs November 2, 2006 04:14

1) the sample application. Pro
1) the sample application. Probably use want to use a 'uniform' sampling set (regular samples along a line). The sampleDict in the source of sample gives some examples

2) see 1

3) probe (during running; cell values only) or sample (postprocessing)

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