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panara September 14, 2006 06:59

Dear all, I would like to u
Dear all,

I would like to use two OpenFoam features at the same time: Multiple regions (meshes) and parallelization..

Before I start to dig in the code, I would like to ask if this is actually feasible and if you have any hint on how to do that..

I can decomposePar each mesh ( and I guess recomposePar as well ) but I am not sure then if the code can handle the two mesh partitions in a "quite" easy way...


mattijs September 15, 2006 04:40

This sounds quite hard. You'll
This sounds quite hard. You'll have to run two mpirun jobs (one for each region) and somehow do the communication between the two jobs yourself.

Running both regions in the same mpirun job is not possible. E.g. reduce's (used in the linear solver) are over all processors so you would not be able to solve different equations on different processors.

panara October 6, 2006 03:06

I would like to use the LES so
I would like to use the LES solution of a simple periodic pipe flow as the inlet condition of another more complex pipe flow with heat transfer.

at the beginning I made 2 regions and I passed the value from a section of the first region (periodic pipe) to the inlet of the second region (pipe with heat transfer). I was solving the equations in both regions at the same time..

This works fine with one processor but it seems that cannot be done in parallel..

but what about just reading a previous solution at each time step from another already solved case?

In short, I would like to run coodles in parallel but at the beginning of each time step the program should use as inlet value the inlet values of another old computation..

is there any easy way to do that in parallel?

Please give a hint,


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