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fbisetti September 12, 2006 18:11

Hi all, I'd like to run a l
Hi all,

I'd like to run a laminar, low mach (Mach ~0.01) air jet issuing in ambient air (p=1 atm). I'm quite lost as far as the specification of the following:

- solver: an incompressible calculation should do the job.
Should I stick with the basic fvSolution and fvScheme files from the cavity example (tutorials/icoFoam/cavity)?

- bcs: the mesh I produced (imported from Fluent) has 3 boundary patches:

a) jet exit plane
b) jet tube outer walls (the jet tube enters the domain to allow for entrainment from below)
c) all the other surfaces

Physically, I'd like to specify a uniform velocity on the exit plane (patch a), zero velocity at the jet tube walls (patch b),
and allow for entrainment or outflow in the remaining patch (patch c).

My question: what are the specifics for patch c) in the files polyMesh/boundary, 0/U and 0/p?

After reading the UserGuide, I'm still extremely confused about the coherency of the specifications on patch c in those 3 separate files,
and the difference between base, primitive, derived and physical types for patch attributes.

Thanks a lot for any help!

pierre September 13, 2006 12:49

Hello You can have a look a

You can have a look at the tuturial for lesInterFoam (nozzleFlow) for help on the boundary conditions.
Is it a round or planar jet?


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