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stefanke September 8, 2006 10:28

in TroeFallOffFunctionI.H'|Foa
in TroeFallOffFunctionI.H'|Foam::TroeFallOffFunction: :operator()

there is the following term:
(1 - alpha_)*exp(-T/Tsss_) + alpha_*exp(-T/Ts_) + exp(-Tss_/T)

But there is an SIGFE when one of the three TROE parameters is zero like in the following example:

CH3+H(+M)<=>CH4(+M) 2.108e+14 0.000 0.00
LOW / 6.257e+23 -1.800 0.00/
TROE/ 0.42 2370.00 0.00/

shuo September 9, 2006 00:02

Hello I am trying to unders

I am trying to understand the source code for icoFOAM(cavity flow case). I have gone through the user guide and ran some solvers and got nice pictures but other than that I have no idea how the code works? Any help?

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