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juanduque September 5, 2006 09:57

Hi there, Inside our resear
Hi there,

Inside our research group we're currently writing a paper related to buoyancy topícs. To solve some examples, we've been using buoyantFoam, obtaining both satisfactory and interesting results.

We're interested on the set of equations that the solver uses to solve the problem, does anyone has that information? it will be very usefull for us.

Thanks in advance,

olwi September 5, 2006 14:56

Have you looked in the source
Have you looked in the source code? It's certainly the easiest way, it's probably only a page long.


juanduque September 5, 2006 15:17

yes... we have, but we found i
yes... we have, but we found it a little hard to understand, because we're really newbies into openFoam and we don't know most of the syntaxis...+ everything is dispersed into different header files, so tracking what goes with what is kinda difficult... that's why we asked, perhaps somebody has got that info!

Thanks Ola!

billy September 6, 2006 10:19

I know what you mean I feel th
I know what you mean I feel the sameway. But I don't know of the existance of a document like in Latex or pdf with the equations and algorithms used in each solver.

unoder September 7, 2006 09:11

I began by looking into a lot
I began by looking into a lot of cpp and header files, but got really tired of it. Then I compiled it with full-debug option turned on and now I can debug the code so it automatically switches source code files.

Something like here:

This data-hiding feature of cpp with private data in classes is though bugging me as I'm more used to C-programs.

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