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sampaio July 14, 2006 18:09

Dear all I tried to read an
Dear all

I tried to read and undestand the code, more specifically, the part where the Ek1D and K1D are writen in a graph format.

If I understood correctly (probably not, because my spectrum graphs for homog isotr turb are completely wrong), the file Ek.raw should contain two colums, first one for k1D and second one for Ek1D.

The problem is that first collum is decreasing instead of increasing from 0 to 16 (my mesh is 32x32x32). So, instead of a Kolmogorov -5/3 spectra, I am getting a linear function, like if first colum was proportional to the second colum.

When I plot one of these colums against k=0,1,2,3...16, instead of first vs second colum, I get something close to Kolmogorov spectra.

So my question is what is really written in the output file (Ek.raw)?

Thanks a lot

sampaio July 14, 2006 18:15

Sorry, somehow the original ti
Sorry, somehow the original title was messed up by some browser "smart" automatic completing capability, and apparently there is no way to edit the message.

If any admin could change the title to :

"graph Ek spectrum in dnsFoam in a homogeneous isotropic turbulence"

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