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schmidt_d July 12, 2006 15:02

All: I have posted a verbosel
I have posted a verbosely commented version of icoFoam to the Wiki at:

Because icoFOam is one of the first applications that new foamers play with, I think it would help a lot of them to understand the code better, especially if they aren't that familiar with PISO.

I did see one part of the icoFoam code that confused me a little. Only in the last the non-orthogonality correction, is the flux updated.

I am guessing that means that somehow a deferred correction approach is used but is buried somewhere deep, since it looks like all the loops of the non-orthogonality correction are solving exactly the same left and right hand sides. Since the left and right hand sides appear to be the same, repeated solution would be pointless.

Feel free to clarify either here on the message board or on the Wiki.


msrinath80 July 12, 2006 15:10

Looks nice. Thanks http://www.
Looks nice. Thanks

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