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hani July 4, 2006 07:09

Hi, I need a boundary condi

I need a boundary condition that reads a file with measured values on a 2D axi-symmetric cross-flow surface and interpolates the values to the inlet boundary patch that is located at the same cross-flow surface. Then I need to rotate the boundary condition around the symmetry axis.

Is there anyone out there who already did this or has any idea on how to do this in a good way? Solutions to the 2D interpolation part of the problem without the rotation are also appreciated.

I have done this for axi-symmetric boundary conditions (reading a 1D file), but I now also want to include the tangential variation and the rotation of the boundary condition.

If you don't understand what kind of boundary condition I am referring to I try to attach an image here:
Or you can find it for a while at:

At the top there is an axi-symmetric cone, which is the inlet boundary condition. The wakes of guidevanes are visible as contours of the tangential velocity. Since the runner is rotating with respect to the guide vanes, the boundary condition should rotate in the rotating coordinate system of the runner.


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