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larry June 28, 2006 01:53

Hello, I am fairly new to C

I am fairly new to CFD and I've just finished installing OpenFOAM on my laptop. For my research, I have to study a problem with a relatively simple geometry (two flows mixing at the entrance of a cylinder. The cylinder has a diaphragm [circular corona] generating turbulence. The Reynolds range from 13000 to 90000. The system has a cylindrical symmetry.).
I wonder: are the K-Epsilon and K-Omega models implemented in OpenFOAM? Are they any difficult to use?
Many thanks


msrinath80 June 28, 2006 19:48

Q) Is k-epsilon implemented?
Q) Is k-epsilon implemented?


I believe that k-omega has more or less the same structure as k-epsilon. If you are strong in C++, it would be nice if you could implement it and pass it upstream. If I remember correctly, there was a discussion about it sometime back. Search this forum using 'omega' as the keyword.

Regarding the difficulty in usage, I don't think any model is very difficult to use. For instance, you could very easily follow the lid-driven cavity tutorial and get started quickly.

rmorgans June 28, 2006 20:57

I'm new to OF as well, but hav
I'm new to OF as well, but have had a very small experience implementing the k-omega model in CFX quite a few years ago

If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

It might be a good way to learn OF



larry June 29, 2006 01:38

Alright. Thanks both of you fo
Alright. Thanks both of you for your advice. I have to do some reading first. I'll post again for sure later on.


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