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sylvain91 June 22, 2006 06:29

I ran a LES calculation using
I ran a LES calculation using the Smagorinsky model and I was suprised to see that no post data files existed for k. I had a look at the code and apparently in this turbulent model the subgrid scale turbulent energy is of course calculated and normally returned. I know some data can be added using PostProcessing from FoamUtilities but I could not figure out where k was. If someone knows how to get it?

Moreover from the code I doubt about the function which returns k in Smagorinsky.H: the square of delta and deviatoric component of D.

The Isochoric Smagorinsky Model
Algebraic eddy viscosity SGS model founded on the assumption that
local equilibrium prevails, hence

B = 2/3*k*I - 2*nuEff*dev(D)


D = symm(grad(U));
k = (2*ck/ce)*delta^2*||D||^2
nuSgs = ck*sqrt(k)*delta
nuEff = nuSgs + nu


Farther in Smagorinsky.H:

//- Return SGS kinetic energy
// calculated from the given velocity gradient
tmp<volscalarfield> k(const tmp<voltensorfield>& gradU) const
return (2.0*ck_/ce_)*sqr(delta())*magSqr(dev(symm(gradU)));

If someone could help me telling me what he thinks about it? Perhaps I did not analyse the code correctly? Thanks

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