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sampaio June 21, 2006 11:16

Dear All, I ve noticed that O
Dear All,
I ve noticed that OF supports Implicit/Explicit source for a product of scalar by vector U, like:

fvm::SuSp(scalarfield, U)

But what if I need an implicit source for each component of U, like:

Sp = volVectorField
fvm::SuSp(Sp, U),

where in the x component of moment equation I would have:

fvm::SuSp(Sp.component(0), U.component(0))

and so on...?

(The components of Sp are independent...)

hjasak June 21, 2006 13:57

Then you're in trouble: the di
Then you're in trouble: the diagonal for a vector quantity in the current version is a vector only next to a boundary. Therefore, internally you can only add a scalar SuSp contribution.

My block matrix rewrite fixes this (along with a number of other block-solution related things) but this is not ready for public consumption just yet.


sampaio June 21, 2006 15:04

Ok. Thanks a lot.
Ok. Thanks a lot.

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