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weijing April 14, 2006 06:43

In release notes for 1.3, i
In release notes for 1.3,
it talked about there are several newpost-processing utilities added--including

(converts polyMesh into its vertex-based dual mesh)"

I try to know how to use this,but there are no information about its usage.

Do someone know how to use,or have a example case about that?

thank you very much!

mattijs April 18, 2006 06:19

Take a mesh (e.g. lid-driven c
Take a mesh (e.g. lid-driven cavity tutorial) and run polyDualMesh. It will write a new mesh in a time directory (0.0005?). Move this polyMesh directory to the constant directory.

It will run on any OpenFOAM mesh. Quite funny on tet meshes.

weijing April 18, 2006 23:31

thank you!
thank you!

And the name of this time directory is decided by "deltaT" in controlDict.
If we set deltaT=100,it will write new mesh to (case)/100/polymesh .

weijing June 15, 2006 07:54

Is there other command to run
Is there other command to run analysis for "node based" mesh?

now I have a dual mesh,but the results looks not having difference with orignal mesh.

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