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ankgupta8um June 11, 2006 00:34

Hi, I am working on two mes

I am working on two mesh solver (SimpleFoam-twoMeshes) that Mattijs wrote about a year ago. It is working fine in parallel only when I include transportProperties and turbulenceProperties dictionary in processor?/constant/ directory. I was also required to include fvSchemes and fvSolutions in processor?/system/ directory.
For a parallel run with just one mesh, it is not required to place the above mentioned dictionaries in processor?/constant/ and processor?/system/ directories. Then why is it required for two-mesh domains??

When I didn't include the dictionaries, I came across errors like this:
--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : cannot open file

file: /home6/axg330/OpenFOAM/axg330-1.2/run/tutorials/simpleFoam/pitzDaily_test/proces sor0/constant/region1/transportProperties at line 0.
So, what I inferred from the above error is that I need to place transportProperties in processor?/constant/region?/ directory, where region1 and region2 are my two meshes. When I placed 'transportProperties' in processor?/constant/region?/ directory, it worked fine. Later I tested a case where instead of placing it in processor?/constant/region?/ directory, I just placed it in processor?/constant/ directory and it worked fine in this case too.
So, how does OpenFoam work while looking for dictionaries ?? Does it first check constant/ directory and then /constant/region?/ directory??

Waiting eagerly for your valuable response(s).


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