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kapel May 30, 2006 11:37

Hello to the whole community,
Hello to the whole community, I tell them...

In way ' unsteady solver ' cannot do that ' velocity inlet condition ' a fact of constant temperature does not ask me for it, that is to say, I want to leave the condition of speed independent from the temperature.

Regrettably I am working with FLUENT 6.2.16

Someone can say to me as achievement to make the speed of the temperature independent with this condition. (I am working with the equations of energy)

Greetings from latinoamerica

msrinath80 May 30, 2006 14:16

It appears that you've run you
It appears that you've run your question through some translation program before posting it here. Ironically enough it was an amusing read. However, I suggest you rephrase your question in a single simple sentence.

gschaider May 30, 2006 15:00

Luis: is this a question about
Luis: is this a question about Fluent or OpenFOAM.

If it is about OpenFOAM: I fully agree with pUl|. Please rephrase the question and someone here will help you.

If it is only about Fluent: Fluent Inc. has a very fine support (that's one of the reasons why you have to pay for their licenses). Talk to support or the person at your site that is qualified to talk to support (I think they require people to have a training course for that), I'm sure they can help you (and will be glad to do so).

kapel June 6, 2006 10:03

ok, thank you very much
ok, thank you very much

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