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sampaio June 1, 2006 13:04

Dear All, I am looping thro
Dear All,

I am looping through all faceI in "owner" list:

const unallocLabelList& owner = mesh.owner();
const unallocLabelList& neighbour = mesh.neighbour();

gradU = fvc::grad(U);

forAll(owner, faceI)


and I would like to use the value of gradU[neighbour[faceI]] for some operations....

The question is: when a boundary face is taken as "faceI", I know there is no neighbour associated with it, so what would be the value returned by gradU[neighbour[faceI]]?

sampaio June 1, 2006 13:14

Sorry, forgot to ask also abou
Sorry, forgot to ask also about U[neighbour[faceI]]...

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