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yves May 5, 2006 04:51

Hello everybody, I just di
Hello everybody,

I just discovered the existence of OpenFoam. In our company we optimise flow through complex dies in industrial processes as e.g. extrusion. The phenomena involve non newtonian behaviour (incompressible flow) coupled with viscous heat production: the flow evolution is coupled with transient heat transport, including through the solid die elements.

My questions are:

- Did anybody solve the non-newtonian flow problem coupled with temperature evolution, including viscous dissipation ?

- If yes, are solvers available ?

- If no, how difficult would it be, or would it make sense, to develop such a module within OpenFoam ?

Best regards,
Yves Krähenbühl

hjasak May 5, 2006 05:33

Hi, Problems of this kind h

Problems of this kind have been solved in the past, although I am not sure if anyone has attempted it to a level that you are looking for. There will be no ready out-of-box solvers for you, but it is relatively straightforward to write them.

I would advise some caution regarding the level of inter-equation coupling and the specific form of your non-Newtonian model, but if you get stuck, there are people around who can help you.



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