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parallelauvi April 12, 2006 01:50

i have a 2PC network and to ru
i have a 2PC network and to run the damBreakFine tutorial case i have done the following
1) sucessfully setup LAM-MPI for the two machines.
2) cloned the damBreak(not running any procedures on it like blockmesh and stuff) case to damBreakFine
3) changed the decomposeParDictand blockMeshDict file according to the tutorial. did not change any other files.
4) ran blockMesh on damBreakFine
5) ran setFields on damBreakFine
6) ran decomposePar on damBreakFine: but there are erros like :cannot find "value" which is required to set the values of the default patch field.

so i am stuck here.

anyone here ran successfully solved the damBreakFine case? please enlighten.
i donot have NFS between the two PCs.. but both of them has OpenFOAM installed.


mer April 12, 2006 12:17

Did you make the decomposition
Did you make the decomposition on both Pcs?
I think you should make the same job on the two pcs. if this don't work, try to do the decomposition on terminal commands.

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